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Social Media Marketing – Direct Brand Marketing For Your Business

 Are you getting the most out of the free social media marketing platforms out there?
Social Media Marketing is extremely important. Smartphone's and other mobile devices have made direct marketing easier than ever. One of best things about Social Media Marketing, apart from it being efficient, and directly targeting your customer base, is that is can be tailored for every business: retail, consulting, IT, tourism, entertainment, staffing, and the list goes on. There are no excuses not to be using one, or all, of the sites that I will briefly describe. The top free social media tools being, Facebook, Twitter Pinterest, and Blogs. 

Facebook Pages- Lets your loyal customers market your brand for you. Easy and effective direct customer marketing. Quickly increases client base, for new businesses and keeps you in close contact with long standing clients.
Twitter- Lets you see what is “trending”. In 140 characters or less you can connect to the world and let everyone know what is going on in your business. It is also a great tool to see what your clients are interested in and have direct feedback.
Pinterest- A social media platform with so much unused potential. This is a sky rocketing tool that can help attract new customers around the globe while seamlessly interacting with your Facebook and Twitter accounts.
Blogs- There are numerous ways to get a free blog. A Blog lets you reach out to your client base on a more personal level. Many website builders and hosts, such as Squarespace, now offer blog sections or the ability to add Wordpress or another blogger application within the site. A blog will keep your website fresh with new information and allows clients to see what your company is up to.  The updated information also allows for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and can bring in viewers who would ordinarily not have found you, but perhaps a key phrase in your blog or something you are interested in aligns with their search. Blogs allow people to follow you, which notifies them every time you have a new post, giving you yet another form of direct marketing.

Blogger- A free blogging platform by Google. All you need is a Gmail address and you are ready to start blogging.
TUMBLR- A free blogging platform, tends to be a younger audience, combines Twitter and Facebook and is based highly on visual media.
WordPress- a very popular blogging platform used by many companies and people. Known for it's appealing themes and layouts.

I predict Instagram will not be far behind in social media marketing ideas, and that more small business clothing retailers will use Polyvore.
Instagram- A photo-sharing tool that integrates Twitter and Facebook.
Polyvore- A clothing and accessory site featuring outfits based on themes, such as colors, movies, or seasons, that give the direct link to the clothing shown. This site continually helps sales in company’s that have their clothing featured

Interested in hearing more information on how social media can work for you?

If you are interested in learning more about how to use these great direct marketing tools for your business please contact us!
We have a wonderful presentation to teach you, or your head of marketing, how to grow your business through these free platforms.

Are you are too busy to use social media?
Contact us and we will do it for you! With years of experience using social media platforms professionally and successfully Clarity Management Advisors, LLC will increase your brand awareness and bring in a larger client base quickly and economically.

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